What is the average Life Span of a Cat? Love and Joy.

What is the average Lifespan of a Cat.

Indoor Cats

On average, the average Life Span of a cat ( indoor) is about 12 to 18 years, but can reach ages of up to 20 years. Because indoor cats don’t have to deal with predators and other potential risks that come with living outdoors, they tend to live a bit longer.

Outdoor Cats

Outdoor cats face more dangers than indoor cats, so their life span tend to be shorter 10 to 15 years. They’re at risk of being hit by cars, ingesting something hazardous or encountering predators. You’re also more likely to notice health issues with your cat sooner if she’s living indoors.

the average life span of a cat. The cat bible helps you to understand your cat
Breakthrough Japanese study shows that cats can understand
human emotions, even words

The oldest cat in the World. What is the Guinness record for the average life span of a cat? 

According to the 2010 edition of the Guinness World Records, the oldest cat ever recorded was Creme Puff, who died in 2005, aged 38 years, 3 days. Female cats typically outlive male cats, while crossbred cats typically outlive purebred cats, respectively. It has also been found that the greater a cat’s weight, the lower its life expectancy on average. ( source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aging_in_cats)

Owning a Cat can be expensive. Consider the average lifespan of a cat. 

Are you ready to share the next 15 to 20 years with a cat? Owning a cat means responsibility and expenses each month.

Obviously, you will need to spend money on food and good nutrition. 

These items are necessities for any cat. You want your cat to be happy and feel it is part of the family.

How do You know what personality your cat has? 

As with people, the personalities of cats are different and varied.

Ideally, you will find a cat whose personality matches your own.

There are many excellent books available at libraries and bookstores that will give you a good description of the type of personality expected from the various breeds of cats. Different breeds have different characters. But also, some cats are more talkative than others, no matter what breed it is.

The Cat language Bible is a great book to read and understand your cat better. Connection is a beautiful thing.
And if you haven’t been connecting with your cat by talking to him or her, now is the time to start.

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cat language bible
Breakthrough Japanese study shows that cats can understand
human emotions, even words

Different Cat Breeds require different levels of attention. 

Some breeds of cats require a lot more attention than others, particularly those cats that tend to live inside, more often than other breeds that are happy to run around outside and keep themselves occupied.

Cats with longer fur will tend to shed a lot more hair around the house, which will require more cleaning, and they will also require more grooming, so you will have to spend more time looking after them.
Cats are much more independent than dogs and more challenging to train, which you need to realize and accept.

The average lifespan of a cat depends on you and where you live. 

Suppose you like to travel a lot or you are away from the house a lot of the time. In that case, you will need to arrange for another person or service to mind your cat and ensure it gets fed regularly.

The litterbox is cleaned, and the water is changed daily. Even if cats require less care, they can feel lonely and will miss you if you travel a lot. 

It is always worth considering where you’re living and if the environment is suitable for owning a cat.

And one thing that, surprisingly, many people don’t consider before getting a cat is whether any person in the family is allergic to cats, as many people are allergic to cats.

What is a cat’s average life span without access to fresh water? 

Water is one of the most important requirements for your cat.

As a cat is composed of almost 70% water, a reduction in body fluid levels can cause ill health and cause the cat to die.

Even if the cat loses 10% of its body water, it can cause metabolic problems resulting in illness quickly.

If the loss increases to 15%, then the cat will die, and for this reason, if you are concerned about your cat’s hydration levels, get it to a vet as soon as possible, as the vet will be able to hydrate the cat by injecting water under its skin.

While the cat can lose a lot of weight in fat, glycogen, and even half of its protein stores, it can still survive. Cats are terminally dependent on water, so they regulate their water supplies and conserve water by concentrating their urine.

Water bowls and Water Fountains for Cats. Which one is better?

Your cat should always have easy access to fresh water that gets changed at least once daily if it is a water bowl.
Using an electric water fountain is a good idea for cats to drink more water. You only need to refill the fountain, and the water stays fresh through the movement.
If you have a multistorey house or home, you should have on each floor one water fountain or water bowl.
In hot weather, ensure that there is always enough water available.

the average life span of a cat. The cat bible helps you to understand your cat
Breakthrough Japanese study shows that cats can understand
human emotions, even words

What food is better for my cat, dry food or wet food?

Always have more water if they are on a dry food diet, as they can get a lot of moisture from canned food.

Most canned food ( wet cat food) is at least good quality, consists of approximately 75% water, and cats fed a diet of good canned food will not need to drink as much as cats on other diets.

A good mix of wet and dry food is a good solution for your cat. 

Milk is not a substitute for water, and cats have no need for milk beyond being kittens.

The average lifespan of your cat depends on how well you understand your cat.

You are a cat owner. Remember the saying, “A dog owner trains the dog and a Cat owner is taught by the cat. , 

Owning a cat is a huge responsibility but filled with many great rewards. Believe me when I say that owning a cat means the cat is owning you. Our Cats Minka and Leo have trained us very well.

Nothing is better than seeing love and compassion in your cat’s eyes. In fact, that is only some of what you will see.  

“The Japanese researchers found that cats understand
humans, not just by voice tone but also by identifying
certain words including their names, the owner’s name,
various commands you’ve used, and many other
stunning eavesdropping techniques that you
had no idea about…”


Get to know your cat. Discover what your cat might be telling you.  

When you and your new cat get to know each other more, you will begin to notice many traits and characteristics that your cat displays. 

After all, all living animals have their own personalities.

 In no time, you will understand your cat, just like they are one of the kids or another human being.

Some cats are very talkative and will always have the last meow. 

As lovely as it is to hear that you may understand your pet in no time, you may be looking for more information. After all, you may be curious about how you will understand your cat. 

There is a great book called the Cat Language Bible. Understanding the cat language. 

Many Cat owners have conversations with their Cats. Are you one of them? 

No, you will not receive a human response when talking to your pet, but there are other signals that your pet may send you. Learn to understand them. Get the Cat Language Bible. Click below

the average life span of a cat. The cat bible helps you to understand your cat
Breakthrough Japanese study shows that cats can understand
human emotions, even words

Communicate with your Cat. What is your Cat telling you?

Being a good Cat Owner and having the best interest of your cat in mind. Even on days when she will drive you up the walls. Destroys your new couch or other things with her scratching. 

When your cat feels sick or not well, you, as a good cat owner, will understand the signs and signals your cat is giving you. 

So, what signal should you look for when understanding your cat?

 ➤ Do you know when your cat may be ready to fight? 

Whether your cat is prepared to attack you, another person in your home, or another pet, this is a sign that you need to be on the lookout for. 

Although cats are not always safe and cuddly, some have anger issues. If your cat has it’s head down and is crouching, it may be ready to pounce.

  Many cats will also try to hide behind an object, such as a couch, so they cannot be seen.

Cats do have emotions and can be quite a handful to deal with.

Like humans and other pets, cats can develop a wide array of emotions, including anger. Even if your cat does not pounce or attack, it may still be upset. Understand your Cat with the Cat Language Bible. 

Many cats will move their tail in a horizontal pattern. In fact, it will seem like your cat is lashing their tail back and forth, not just moving it. Some cats will also deal with their anger by hiding or retreating to an area where they feel comfortable or safe.

Different behavior’s in cats. Active and Passive cats. 

Although some cats will pounce with the intent to play, many other cats will display other playful signals. 

A happy cat and one who wants to play are usually very active. When content and excited, your cat may always be on the move. 

They may be extra cuddly with you, hoping you will provide them extra attention and playtime. 

Another sign of a happy and excited cat is one whose head, tail, and ears are straight.

If you leave your cat to often alone, you might be surprised when coming home that she is not greeting you, instead you get the cold shoulder.

 The average life span of a cat depends on happiness and well-being. 

As previously stated, the reward of being a cat owner is seeing love and compassion in your cat’s eyes. 

You may need to realize that this is something that you can notice. It has been said that cats who squint when looking at you show that they love and care for you. It has also been noted that biting and licking are additional ways cats show love and affection.  

the average life span of a cat. The cat bible helps you to understand your cat
Breakthrough Japanese study shows that cats can understand
human emotions, even words

The reward of a cat owner is precious.

The examples mentioned above are just a few of the many you will want to look for when trying to understand your cat. As a reminder, understanding your cat can be challenging. 

Especially if you have a talkative cat. All you need to do is give your cat the proper amount of love and attention, watch their reactions, and note any habits your new friend may develop. Don’t stress yourself. You will never totally understand your cat. But that is ok, as, with cats, you always learn something new. 

  • Have you ever sat on the sofa with your cat on your lap, just wishing you could actually tell her the level of affection you felt at that moment… using your own words?

  • Have you ever wished to have true, detailed conversations like a parent would have with his or her own child?

  • Have you ever desired to instruct or even discipline your cat without using a harsh voice, so that you could change behaviors without projecting negative emotions?

With this great Cat Bible you will have no problem understanding your cat in no time. Signals and signs are easy to discover and you will be surprised how easy it is to communicate right with your cat.

Click here to get the Cat Language Bible,

the average life span of a cat. The cat bible helps you to understand your cat
Breakthrough Japanese study shows that cats can understand
human emotions, even words

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