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Pets are more than just animals; they are amazing and loyal companions who bring joy and unconditional love into our lives. Whether they be birds, cats, dogs, or rabbits, these furry or feathery friends provide us with emotional support, which is why they deserve the best care and affection. Pets need plenty of love and attention to keep them happy and content in their home environment. With the right care and dedication, our beloved pets can live long and healthy life, full of joy. To ensure that our pets stay active and healthy, it is essential to provide them with the correct food and dietary supplements. It is important to research the best products available in order to provide our pets with the best nutrition for their needs. With Vetezi, you can ensure that your pets get the proper food supplements, prebiotics, probiotics, and other health and hygiene care.


Vetezi Pet Pro Canine

Vetezi Pet-Pro Canine

by ‘Tom and Birdy’ | Dogs Food Supplement | Prebiotics, Probiotics, Enzymes, Vitamins for Better Health & Immunity (100g)

Vetezi Pet Pro Feline

Vetezi Pet-Pro Feline

by ‘Tom and Birdy’ | Cats Food Supplement | Prebiotics, Probiotics, Enzymes, Vitamins for Better Health & Immunity (100g)

Vetezi Birds Cure

Vetezi Birds Cure

by ‘Tom & Birdy’ | Wet Food Supplement for Pet Birds of All Life Stages | Vegetable Flavor | Prebiotics, Probiotics, Enzymes, Vitamins for Better Health & Immunity (100g)

Vetezi Well Birds

Vetezi Well-Birds

by ‘Tom and Birdy’ | Herbal Food Supplement for Pet Birds | Essential Vitamins, Minerals & Enzymes for Overall Health Benefits & Immunity (100g)

Vetezi Calvit 3 03

Vetezi Calvit-3

by ‘Tom and Birdy’ | Calcium Syrup for Dogs & Cats as per Basic Dietary Need (200ml)

Vetezi Farm-Pro-Cattle

Vetezi Farm-Pro-Cattle: Feed Supplement for Cattle

Farm-Pro Cattle is a vitamin, amino acid, and mineral feed supplement for cattle, fortified with probiotics and prebiotics.

Product is good & trust-worthy!!
Using this product for almost a month now.. for my budgies. They used to often have watery motions, which seems to have, now, improved after using this product. Overall, thumbs up for this one!

Anita S. reviewed Vetezi Birds-Cure on Amazon India

Best product ever..very happy
My Dog usually feeds on home-made food. This makes difficult for me to estimate her proper nutrition. I know calcium is vital for her, as also advised by Vet. This is reasonable, no- nonsense product. Would recommend.

Smita reviewed Vetezi Calvit-3 on Amazon India

Awesome products
Using it for about 2 weeks. My puppy had stomach upset due to rain, which seems to have improved ever since I am using it. Nice product.

Kumar Piyush reviewed Vetezi Pet-Pro Canine on Amazon India

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