Give Mom Bugs for Birds?

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Bugs? The perfect gift for mom? Really?           OK, this one is going to take some explaining! In reality, there are lots of reasons why you should seriously consider such a seemingly preposterous suggestion. You see…birds love bugs, and moms love birds. When your yard and feeders offer an abundant source of … Read more

What to Do – Dogster

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The danger of coffee toxicity depends on the amount of grounds eaten versus the weight of your dog, says Dr. Natalie Isaza DVM, owner of Access Veterinary Services in Florida. Knowing this information saves valuable time. Regardless of your dog’s size, a dog eating coffee grounds is an emergency, whether your dog rummaged through the … Read more

Please be aware!

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In the past week one of our adopted dogs has been seriously ill.  His owner thought he was just eating grass out on his walk, but his condition deteriorated rapidly.  He had actually been poisoned and the vet thinks this may have been due to ingesting either bluebells or wild garlic.  Please keep an eye … Read more

Guide to Cat/Dog Harmony in the Home

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Guide to Cat/Dog Harmony in the Home Dogs and cats can develop amazing friendships – or, if things don’t go as well, also drive each other and their owners crazy. As a professional dog trainer, I encounter difficult cat-dog relationships every week. While it is possible to improve the behaviors of both pets once the … Read more

Binoculars 101 | BirdNote

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BirdNote® Binoculars 101 Written by Dara M. Wilson This is BirdNote. I’m Dara Miles Wilson, and I’m a naturalist with Montgomery Parks in Maryland. A decent pair of binoculars can considerably enhance your enjoyment of birds. Since they are an important tool for birdwatching, here is a crash course on how to use binoculars.    … Read more

How Long Should A Dog Leash Be?

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This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Have you ever wondered how long a dog leash should be and if you should go for a 4 foot vs 6 foot leash or maybe a retractable leash that changes in length? Or how about … Read more

Home Remedy For Ear Mites in Cats

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Home Remedy For Ear Mites in Cats If you’re searching for a home remedy for ear mites in cats…we feel your pain! Our sweet fluffy friends love to explore. Whether they’re roaming the garden or the neighborhood streets, their adventures can bring home with them a few unwanted visitors. Ear mites are a common ailment … Read more

The Eurasian Wryneck – 10,000 Birds

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In the woodpecker high school yearbook, the Eurasian Wryneck is described as “most likely to be turned into a low-end sock puppet”. Not very flattering, but then such entries frequently are not. The Eurasian Wryneck – 10,000 Birds 73 Myself, I was once referred to as “Mr. Negative”, though not in a high school yearbook … Read more