In the transition of the human family, pets are the new member. They keep constant company to their owners and get unconditional love. Pets are not just animals in our lives, they are also an integral part of a family and become a part of our overall lifestyle. Pet owners often have a strong emotional connection with their pets. They are considered to be members of the family and are cared for just like any other member.
Vetezi Range is a pet health care system that goal toward the basic veterinary need that could be provided as naturally-possible for the well-being of all sorts of pets such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, and birds. The Vetezi range includes probiotics, food supplements, general cleaning and grooming products that do not only have good health benefits but also help increase activity levels in your pets.

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Nice natural & herbal product! My budgies had a feather plucking issue and it seems to have been resolved after using it for 2 weeks. Also, to my surprise, it seems as if their feathers have started shining.

Ankita s

A must buy for kittens. I’m feeding it for my small kitty along with normal home food. It seems to have resolved the gastric issues that she used to had almost every night. It’s now almost a over a week now, and looks like her hairs are shiner than before. Though she didn’t like the taste before, feeding her with favorite food soon resolved this issue as well. Really working and worth buying.


This is really working product for my 2 years lab puppy. This might be too early to say anything on this but I’m already seeing results. Stomach issues seems to br improving just in one feed. He didn’t liked the taste, so gave it mixed with his regular food. In my experience, it’s not ready to eat as food, but good to give mixed with food..


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