What will happen when probiotic is not provided to pets?

Three major terrestrial pets that include dogs, cats and birds of various types & species are dependent on various factors for their usual well-being, but the most important of all these is the human care. Contrary to their wild counterparts, the pet animals rely on the human support and external inputs & supplements for their survival. Being raised in an artificial (or, some times captive) environments the pets are prone to easy infection due to weak immunity. Often the packaged food could only able to support the nutritional need of the animal. However, to enhance the immunity, improve the food digestion or just to improve the general heath and beauty, our beloved pets (and the owners) have to rely on probiotics. With the lack or deficiency of probiotics in gut the food could never get digested. Probiotics are assistant to support the easy and stress-free digestion. It also helps in controlling several undesirable conditions like constipation. A good gut, helps in better digestion. Better digestion of food means better availability of nutrients. Better availability of nutrients means better functioning of overall bio-functions, including developing the resistance to diseases and general health. Healthy pets, including wet-pets are happy and good-looking. A healthy pet is usually active. As a thumb-rule the more active a pet, more relaxed the owner should be, because a sluggish pet is an indication of something not good. Probiotics are can help improving the pet’s general well-being, but shouldn’t be considered for prevention of any specific pet disease, or as a cure of any aliment. Probiotics can help the pets thriving, and not just surviving.