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Changes Can be Tough

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September is a month of transitions. Family vacations have come and gone, baseball begins to give way to football, and school (and all its activities) becomes the focus for many of us. Outside, the heat of summer is replaced by the cool breezes of autumn and flowers are transitioning into seeds and berries. And our … Read more

Encountering Predators on the Trail

Hiking Safety

Hiking is an extremely popular pet friendly activity and a great way to explore new places when you travel. And seeing wildlife along the trail is a special treat! But it’s important to know how to handle encountering predators during your hike.   Hiking is one of our favorite pet friendly activities, and I know … Read more

Healthy Paws – Spring/Summer 2023


Healthy Paws – Spring/Summer 2023 Read Caption Featured Photo: Nynke Van Holten/shutterstock 1. Feline Facial Does your cat have facial wounds, irritation, or acne? Vetericyn Plus Feline Antimicrobial Facial Therapy is an antibiotic- and steroid-free liquid formula that cleans, soothes, and prevents potential infection. It’s safe if licked or ingested and won’t sting. ($13, 2. … Read more

Monk Parakeets: Little Green-Blue Invaders

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BirdNote® Monk Parakeets: Little Green-Blue Invaders  Written by Paula Vilella This is BirdNote. [Monk Parakeet imitating human voice] This bird is saying “I love you so much!”  in Spanish.  It’s the Monk Parakeet or Argentine Parrot. They’re small birds native to South America that have entertained thousands of households with their charm, intelligence, and ability … Read more Blog How to Adopt a Cat

how to adopt a cat

A step-by-step guide on how to adopt a cat — from where to begin looking to what the adoption process entails to how to prepare your home for your new pet.By Tim BarribeauAdopting a cat, especially if they’re your first, can feel like a terrifying jump into an ocean of the unknown. How do you … Read more

Hell is Closed for Renovation – 10,000 Birds


We tried yesterday to visit the Nekromanteio of Afyra, the very entrance of ancient Greek’s Hades, but the world of the dead was locked up (well, not really for renovation, but for further research at this archeological site, after the height of a tourist season). Still, it is somehow reassuring to know that Hell is … Read more

A Complete Guide To The Toughest Dog Toys

Tough Dog Toys

This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. We raise Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers, two of the mouthiest dogs and they like to chew. It goes without saying that durable dog toys are a must in our household. So what are the toughest … Read more