Stevie Nicks Finds Her New Forever Family :: salty dog rescue



This email is by way of an introduction to our new family member.


Stevie, our seven month old pitbull, is a rescue from Seattle. She comes from a terrific volunteer group called Salty Dog Rescue.

She is sweet, gentle and shy. She loves kids, dogs and cats. She chases moths and birds. She smells flowers and thinks she belongs on my bed. 

We took the photos below, yesterday, on our way home from Seattle. She spent the entire drive on Nora’s lap. They were both happy girls. 


We are remembering how much work it takes to integrate a puppy into our family (and loving it). We follow her around to ensure she doesn’t chew Nora’s toys or shoes and we spend a great deal of time smiling and laughing. Today she decided the window-bench in the kitchen is her favorite place to perch. We have already introduced her to the pet store down the street — they swooned appropriately and fed her buckets of treats. 


Okay, I’m off to take Stevie for her second walk of the day.

Hope this email finds you well.



Jada, Nora and Stevie (Nicks)



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