Vetezi Well-Birds

  • WHY HERBS:- Herbs plays vital role in the overall health benefits of the birds. Continuous using of herbal feed supplement will keep bird to be resistant to diseases, builds up the immune system stronger, keeps feathers healthy, excellent growth, always active.
  • BENEFITS: Vetezi Well-Birds unique combination acts as antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-parasite, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulants, tonic for general debility, lack of appetite, kidneys, yeast infection, neutralizes bad bacteria, beneficial for feather pluckers as it cleanses the system, reduces anxiety and stress, restores the nervous system and improves wound healing.

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    Vetezi Well-Birds by ‘Tom and Birdy’ | Herbal Food Supplement for Pet Birds:

    Vetezi Well-Birds by ‘Tom and Birdy’:

    • Keeping Pets Healthy and Active has been a Challenge for most of the Pet Owners. Especially, when the owners are Pets lover, but too involved in their daily work.
    • A simple change often brings bigger benefits, so is the use of Vetezi Well-Birds.
    • Vetezi Well-Birds is a unique combination of 16 different herbal extracts which plays vital role in the overall health benefits of pet birds. Regular usage of Vetezi Well-Birds will keep the pet birds resistant to infectious diseases by strengthening the immune system and improving the general health.


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