Vetezi Farm-Pro-Cattle: Feed Supplement for Cattle

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    Farm-Pro Cattle is a vitamin, amino acid, and mineral feed supplement for cattle, fortified with probiotics and prebiotics.


    • Provides essential Minerals, Vitamins, Probiotics, and Prebiotics for better metabolic activity and higher Probiotics action.
    • Helps achieve healthy growth and maintains peak milk production.
    • Ideal support for improving fertility. Prevents infertility in males and delayed sexual maturity in females.
    • Increased immunity in young animals and promotes early recovery and shorter convalescence.
    • Enhances gut health and has a favourable effect on the health and production indices of cattle.
    • Exerts a beneficial role in the rumen or lower digestive tract by improving the digestion of various nutrients, especially forage in the bovine digestive system.
    • Reduces incidence of diarrhoea and reduced counts of intestinal coliform bacteria (a detrimental organism) in calves.