Listen Up: I’m Giving a Webinar on Sound Products for Dogs!

A sable dog with a medium length coat looks at something in the distance. Her button ears are pricked forward.
Listen Up: I'm Giving a Webinar on Sound Products for Dogs! 8

• Do “ultrasonic” squeaker toys really produce ultrasound?
• Now that dogs and music studies have been going on for more than a decade, what do the review articles say?
• Which is better for sound masking, a fan or brown noise, and why?
• What kind of sound might harm your dog’s hearing?
• Why does music for dogs often sound like “New Age” music?
• Why are dog training whistles now also advertised as punishers?
• What sounds may be innately aversive to dogs?

I’m going to be answering these questions and many more on October 14, 2023 at 11 AM Eastern time at my webinar, “Listen Up: An Evidence-Based Assessment of Sound Products for Dogs,” presented by Behavior Vets.

Enroll for “Listen Up” now for the Early Bird price of $29.
Full price of $45 kicks in on September 14th.

There are discounts available for shelter and rescue personnel, veterinary students, and veterinary technicians. There are also group discounts.

A white dog with reddish speckles and solid red ears holds a cylindrical,  rubber, turquoise toy in his mouth while play bowing.

Lewis is chewing on an “ultrasonic” squeaker toy. Is it putting out ultrasound? How can we know? Are ultrasonic squeakers extra enticing for dogs?

Biography and Credentials

Most of you know me as a dog blogger and author, some as an editor and writing mentor. But I had other passions before writing about dogs: music and sound.

I hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music (harpsichord performance) and a master’s degree in engineering science (acoustics). My engineering master’s research was in active noise control (here’s my thesis) and I authored an article about it that was published by a peer-reviewed journal.

I have recently been privileged to bring my expertise in music, sound, and acoustics to the dog training and behavior world. I assess the claims of sound-related products and write educational articles on the physics of sound related to dogs. I have presented two webinars on dogs and sound: “Sound Decisions” through the Science Dog Courses (webinar not currently available) and “Beethoven for Your Dog—Really?” for the Lemonade Conference 2021.

It’s also a life passion for me to “translate” technical and scientific information for the public, and boy, have I found a need for this in the dog world. Ever since I realized how many sound-oriented products there are for dogs, and how much misinformation is knocking about, I’ve been able to bring my passions together.

Having a Sound-Phobic Dog Changes Everything

A small black and tan colored hound mix sits while the wind blows one of her drop ears out practically horizontal. She is smiling and looks goofy.

But I also have a different kind of “credential.” I can’t ever write about dogs and sound without mentioning Zani. I was the guardian of a beloved, clinically sound-phobic dog, and know firsthand the heartbreaks that condition can cause. I still notice and alert at noises in her “scary” range, even though she has been gone for three years now.

I consulted with veterinary behaviorist Dr. E’Lise Christensen of Behavior Vets, who made a life-changing difference for Zani with her diagnosis and treatment. I will be forever grateful; Zani had been in crisis with her phobia, anxiety, and panic attacks. After Zani was stable, I performed desensitization and counterconditioning for her phobia of beeps and whistles. This video shows her before and after treatment.

Zani is one of the big reasons I am dedicated to fighting misinformation about treating sound phobias and why I put out evidence-based information on dogs, music, and sound.

Enroll for “Listen Up” now for the Early Bird price of $29.
Webinar is on October 14th; Early Bird price ends September 14th.

I hope to see you at the webinar. It’s a monster of a presentation. If you’ve noticed a dearth of blogging from me lately, it’s because I have been working on the webinar nonstop since May.

I’m covering a ton of ground. If you enroll, you’ll certainly want to consult the recording, slide copies, and references that you will also receive.

Copyright 2023 Eileen Anderson

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