It’s My Birthday! – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

It’s My Birthday! – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

It's Summer's birthday and she is 9 years old! She celebrates with a tiny cat food cake and decorations.

Welcome to my birthday party! I may be 9 but I don’t feel a day over… well, actually I don’t think about years at all. I mean, I’m a cat! And I finally got to wear my fancy birthday hat that my human found eons ago and never brought out for any of my previous birthdays.

Somali cat standing on hind legs

But as you know, the best part of birthdays isn’t the hat…it’s the cake!

Cat food birthday cake

Although it doesn’t look it, human worked hard on this one. This is a two-layer cake. The cake part is my frozen cat food, defrosted. She made “frosting” from a combination of whipped unsweetened almond milk and cornstarch (heating the combination makes it easier to whip, although it’ll never be like whipped cream). Then she added a beaten egg white to give it a lighter texture. She was hoping for something that looked similar to those fancy cake decorating videos she likes to watch. Well, aesthetics aren’t everything.

Somali cat eating birthday cake

Taste is everything! And I loved it! My human had to take off my hat and necklace to make sure they didn’t get covered in cake.

Somali cat looking hungrily at half eaten birthday cake

She also tried to get a photo of me posing with the cake. Without too much success. This was the best she could do. I demolished my cake in record time.

Somali cat with birthday card

Anyhow, I’m back here, cleaned up and dressed up again because I wanted to make sure I showed you this birthday card. It’s special because it’s from my therapy pet organization.

Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday! Sorry there wasn’t any cake for you.

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It\'s My Birthday!

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