How to Choose a Parrot

How to Choose a Parrot: Buying a parrot is a big commitment for its owner, as it can live from 9 to 14 years. Since they live for a long time, you have to make sure that you are buying a healthy parrot for yourself and your family.

In order to find a good parrot, you need to assess the health, personality, and happiness of the bird before you purchase it. Finding a parrot that will be part of the family for a long time takes diligence and a willingness to move away from buying a parrot that isn’t right for you.

Choosing pet parrot

pet birdsHow to Choose a Parrot

I mean to buy a parrot from a reputable dealer

You can buy parrots online, from ads, or from pet stores. You can also buy it at your local animal shelter. Wherever you buy budgies, make sure that seller has birds that are healthy and familiar to humans.

  • Search online reviews for the sellers you’ve found. Are most buyers satisfied with the birds purchased from the seller?
  • If you have a friend who owns a parakeet, ask him where you can buy one. This may help, especially if he or she recently purchased a bird.

Visit the store or seller

Evaluate how you feel about them. Is the place clean and well taken care of? Do you think the people working in the store feel responsible for the health and happiness of the birds? If you feel otherwise, leave the store.

Ask the seller how they take care of the birds.

Make sure they clean their cages regularly. Do they wash their hands before carrying the birds? These are simple yet important things to keep your parakeet healthy and happy.

Test the cage the parrots live in

Parrots need a clean, spacious cage. Are there many birds that can’t move? Are the cage and box clean? Is there water for birds? Do birds eat appropriate food such as seeds, grains, and vegetables? These are important things to consider before buying a parrot.

Rate if the birds appear healthy and happy

Do birds interact with each other? Look at the body, head, and feet of each bird you want to purchase. If he is healthy and happy, his plumage will be soft and shiny and not overbearing. He must have a healthy appetite to see him eat the seeds. His beak and feet must be uncoated. His anus should be clean and he should not have a runny nose.

  • It should appear smooth, shiny, and soft feather.
  • He must not have abnormal growth. 
  • His feet should be free of mites and his toes should be clean and soft

Choose the appearance and personality of the parrot

parrot as a petHow to Choose a Parrot

Try to assess the possible temperament of the parrot

If he is healthy and happy, he will be active and appear happy. Does he move easily, eat and drink water? Is relatively calm when left alone. It is normal for him to drop his feathers when you approach the cage, so do not consider this negative behavior.

  • Parrots in pet stores are usually not tamed by humans, which means that it will take some time for your parrot to return to your hand if you want to pick it up. If you want to buy a parrot that has been tamed, you need to go to a professional parrot breeder.

Find a young parakeet

You can tell a parrot’s age from the black bars on its forehead. If the parrot is less than four months old, it has black bars extending down the cere, a fleshy part above the beak. If it is over four months old, the black bars will disappear.

  • If the parrot sheds its feathers, it is over six months old, which is an appropriate age to train it

Determine if your potential parrot is male or female

This only matters if you have a favorite and only set when it’s so old that the bars are gone. For the male, the cere is blue. For the female, the cere is bright blue, beige, or brown.

  • Male parrots are more talkative. So if you care about this, you have to make sure it’s male. Despite this, a healthy young parrot regardless of gender can be a good talker with the right training.

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

Choose an attractive color bird

If you are buying a parrot from a seller who has a lot of healthy and active birds, you can freely choose the one that has the most attractive appearance. There are parrots of various colors, choose the color combination you like!

Before you buy a parrot, you need to make sure you have enough time. Many people buy a parrot without realizing that they don’t have time to care for the new bird. As he can live more than fifteen years! What will you do after ten years? Will you have time to spend with him?

Parrots tend to feel lonely and like to be a part of everything. You can bring a friend to make your parrot happy. However, remember that buying a new parrot to partner with your parrot will reduce the affection between you. Additionally, parrots can learn to talk but are less willing if they have a partner.

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