100+ Best Halloween Captions For Your Dog Photos

best halloween dog captions

October is the month filled with national celebrations, specifically Halloween festivities. Even though Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, many choose to celebrate in the spirit of the spooky season for the entire month. I’m guilty as a dog parent. I also partake in the traditions by dressing up my golden retriever dogs, taking photos … Read more

Adopt-a-Pet.com Blog Eco-Friendly Animal Shelters: Adopting at These Rescues Helps the Planet Too

HSSV Eco Friendly Animal Shelter

By Debra J. WhiteCourtesy Humane Society Silicon ValleyAnimal shelters save homeless dogs and cats, fight cruelty, and educate the public about pet overpopulation. But shelters themselves are rarely eco-friendly. When many of them were built, energy efficiency wasn’t a priority, air circulation systems were poor and there was a reliance on toxic materials, especially for cleaning. … Read more

Taste of the Wild vs. Purina Pro Plan: Who Wins? [2023]

labrador 4246322 1280

Taste of the Wild and Purina Pro Plan are two prominent names in the dog food industry. This article dives deep into a direct comparison between these brands, evaluating their ingredients, quality of constituents, protein percentages, cost-effectiveness, and past recall instances. Join us as we dissect the offerings of each, aiming to provide clarity for … Read more

Dog Pools Make a Great Dog Gift

dog gift

Published On: Monday, July 29, 2019 Looking for a great gift for your dog or the new dog on the block? If you can’t afford that gold plated dog bone or dog friendly car (best cars for dogs), a dog pool makes a great dog gift! There are few dog gifts out … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni? | Volhard Dog Nutrition

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Dropped a slice of pepperoni pizza? Or maybe you’re wrapping up a charcuterie board and there’s just a little meat left. Either way, you might be contemplating if it’s alright to let your canine friend have a taste of either the pizza or those leftover charcuterie delights. Though many of us have … Read more

Exercise Enclosures – Ashley Heath

Dog frisbee

Waggy Tails are now able to offer two large outside enclosures which are side by side at Ashley Heath, for dog training and off lead exercise.  One also contains agility equipment. The enclosures can be booked for one hour sessions in advance. There are a number of dog trainers who will be using these facilities … Read more