JFMS Cat Friendly Special Issue

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Veterinary professionals worldwide will now have access to two new Cat Friendly Guidelines, plus additional resources that promote positive, respectful interactions with their feline patients and reduce the stress associated with the clinical environment.

The Guidelines have been authored by experts in feline medicine and behaviour, who have undertaken an extensive literature review and have also drawn on the valuable experience gained over 10 years of the groundbreaking ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic and AAFP Cat Friendly Practice programmes. These programmes have had a significant impact on feline welfare, changing the way veterinary professionals around the world treat and interact with cats. The new Guidelines cover all aspects of a cat’s veterinary experience, including the journey to the clinic, interactions with team members, as well as the clinical environment.

We hope that all veterinary professionals download the following resources and adopt these principles in practice:

ISFM’s Cat Friendly Principles for Veterinary Professionals

Authors: Claire Bessant, Nathalie Dowgray, Sarah LH Ellis, Samantha Taylor, Sarah Collins, Linda Ryan and Vicky Halls

2022 AAFP/ISFM Cat Friendly Veterinary Interaction Guidelines: Approach and Handling Techniques

Authors: Ilona Rodan, Nathalie Dowgray, Hazel C Carney, Ellen Carozza, Sarah LH Ellis, Sarah Heath, Lee Niel, Kelly St Denis and Samantha Taylor

2022 ISFM/AAFP Cat Friendly Veterinary Environment Guidelines

Authors: Samantha Taylor, Kelly St Denis, Sarah Collins, Nathalie Dowgray, Sarah LH Ellis, Sarah Heath, Ilona Rodan and Linda Ryan

Other supporting material for the Cat Friendly Special Issue, including helpful videos and other tools for veterinary clinics, can be found at bit.ly/JFMSCatFriendly.

We also have two new ISFM guides for cat carers:

Cat Friendly Clinic: Cat friendly veterinary care

Taking your cat to the veterinary clinic


The Cat Friendly Guidelines are endorsed by the following organisations and groups. ISFM is grateful to each one for their support of this cat friendly resource for the veterinary profession:

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