Best Litter for Persian Cats

Best Litter for Persian Cats

Persian cats are one of the most elegant-looking species. When it comes to their litter, it’s important to choose one that is not only comfortable, but also one that doesn’t get stuck in their fur and ruin their appearance. In today’s article, I will explain everything you need to know about the best litter for Persian cats.

Best cat litter for Persian cats

The best litter for Persian cats are Dr. Elsey’s clumping cat litter, Arm & Hammer forever fresh, and Fresh step clumping cat litter.

Dr. Elsey’s clumping cat litter

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Dr. Elsey’s checks all of the boxes for a Persian cat. For starters, it is a clumping litter so it will quickly clump together your cat’s waste. This will make it easier to clean up, and also prevent the litter from sticking to your cat’s long fur.

It is unscented, which I prefer because sometimes cat’s can be deterred form scented litter. It also has good odor control capabilities which will help prevent both your cat and your house from smelling bad.

The granules of the litter are pretty large, which is good because it will prevent the pieces form getting stuck in your cat’s hair or paws. This should greatly reduce the litter being tracked throughout the house.

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about the litter dying your cats hair a different color, as it is a neutral white.

Arm & Hammer forever fresh

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If you have an issue with your Persian cat stinking up the litter box and the room, I suggest this Arm & Hammer cat litter. The litter has a lavender scent and contains essential oils which help mask the smell of your cat’s pee and poop. It also contains a baking soda formula which helps reduce bad odors.

This litter is also clumping and dust free, which will greatly help reduce the litter getting stuck in your cat’s fur and paws. This is also a great litter for a Bengal cat.

The litter is also very affordable, as you can get an 18 pound pack for only $16.

Fresh Step cat litter

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Another good option for a Persian cat with smelly poop is Fresh Step. It has ammonia blocking technology that is able to block odors for up to ten days.

Like the other litters on the list, it is also clumping and 99% dust free.

It is very affordable as well. At the time of this article you can get a 14 pound bag for around $10. If your Persian cat has health problems, I suggest that you check out pretty litter.

Now that I have reviewed the best cat litter for Persian cats , I want to walk through some of the basic components of a good litter for Persian cats.

What type of litter is best for Persian cats?

When it comes to litter for a Persian cat, you will want one that is clumping, has large granules, low dust, and a color similar to your cat’s fur.


For starters, you should make sure that the litter you choose is clumping. This means that your cat’s waste, whether it be pee or poop, will easily clump together with the litter into small pieces. This will help prevent both the waste and litter from sticking to your cat’s fur.

This will help keep your cat’s fur free of both stains and odor.

Additionally, clumping cat litter will make it much easier to clean up your cat’s waste from the litter box.

Large granules

I also recommend that you choose a litter that has large granules (or pieces). Similar to clumping, smaller granules will be less likely to stick to your Persian’s long hair.

On the flip side, smaller granules can get caught and stuck in your cat’s hair more easily. In some cases, this can even lead to mats in your cats fur. These can be hard to remove, and in extreme case they can even cause infections or other types of skin conditions.

Litter that has larger granules will also be less likely to get tracked around your house.

Low dust

Low dust is a must for a Persian cat’s litter. Persian’s are more prone to collecting dust on their fur and skin, so it’s important that you choose a litter that has as little dust as possible.

Aside from cleanness, low dust is also important for cats that have allergies.


While it is often overlooked, I suggest you get a cat litter that is a similar color to your cat’s fur. This is because your cat will be spending a lot of time in the litter box, and they might take on some of the color of their litter.

For example, if you have a Persian cat with a light colored fur, you wouldn’t want to get an orange clay litter which would be easily visible on their fur.

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