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About Us – Our pets are special for us, and to take care of our pet’s health, we do our best to feed them a nutritionally balanced diet. Captive raised pet animals and birds have compromised immunity in comparison to their wild counterparts.

In the current scenario, we have several alternatives to gain and boost their immunities of our pets artificially. However, the pets get infected due to infections, deficiencies, physical injuries or stress, due to various reasons.

We do have ample supplies of fortified food and medicines for our beloved pets. Often, these supplies are expensive, ineffective or may have other side-effects. This has been challenged for years with many pet-owners globally.

Pet owner fail to realize that not all pet foods are well-formulated to meet the basic balanced nutritional requirements and in most of them, they leave something to be required when it comes to optimal levels of key nutrients. This is a case where supplementation could help. Talk to your veterinarian about the food your pet is eating to get a good idea of how your pet could benefit from supplementation.

What we provide?

About us – We provide Pets Solutions through various products to enhance the livelihood of beloved pets. We identify techno and socio-commercial feasibility of products, that’s naturally beneficial of general well-being of house-hold pets. As a part to enforce satisfaction of our customer, we encourage honest reviews and feedback for betterment of the existing products and to serve with new ones.

What We Do

At Tomandbirdy, we know your pet is special – that’s why we believe they deserve the best. Based in Bengaluru, we tailor our products exactly to your pet’s individual needs to boost their immunities. Our products are ethically-sourced, natural and healthy – and available at a affordable price.

Dog Products

Just like human beings, dog's gut is the largest immune organ in the body. To improve the overall health and to keep the healthy gut of dogs, it is essential to offer them daily health supplements as per the recommended doses.

Cat Products

The dog and cat have substantially similar immune system components, but differences in their immune function and delicacy. They are more prone to infectious diseases than dogs. To keep them healthy, active and to away from guts related diseases, it is essential to provide them daily health supplements along with normal foods.

Bird Products

Pet birds are very delicate and more susceptible to infectious diseases. Keeping your pet birds healthy will stay you and your family healthy too. Germs from birds can cause a variety of illness in human beings. So, to protect yourself, provide your pet with routine veterinary care and to offer them daily health supplements as per the recommended doses.


PROBIOTICS are LIVE bacteria and yeasts that helps to maintain digestive health and boost the immune system.